Beethoven, 6th Symphony , 1st Mov.

• Mar 5, 2022 - 22:48

Just a personal transcription. I guess there are a lot of errors (I don't have the original score to compare it).

Just enjoy this masterpiece...


Salute to your effort.

The first places I noticed are:
The staccatos in the melody should be added, especially in the strings part.
There is no dynamic where the bassoon is first played; should be placed.

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Hi, Ziya!!!
Please, Can you tell me where, exactly, I need staccato?
As I don't have the original score, those details I put on this file "by ear".
BTW, I used the imiTyrus-mono-MQ.sf3 soundfont because the woods sound. But, I don't like the strings sound of that file. As my PC has some limitations (it is old), I didn't use more than one soundfont at a time. It is probably, you can get a better sound with another soundfont file.

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