Add a scrollbar for the score.

• Mar 4, 2022 - 17:35

It's quite troublesome having to manually scroll the score, especially if it is long.


I would also vote for a scrollbar. It would be faster than short cuts. Less to remember and can be maneuvered with one hand. The time line takes up too much space.

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A scroll bar might be useful but I think you might have perhaps prefaced the rest of your comment with "For me...". Others of us find shortcuts quick and the timeline invaluable and a scroll bar likely to be an irrelevance. A scroll bar can't take you directly to the last-but-one key change, or the bit where the trombones all come in. which is what the timeline can do. But chaqu'un à son goût.

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All true, Steve. But I never said that there shouldn't be a time line or short cuts. Only that it would be nice to have a scrollbar. Put it in the view menu so that those that don't want it don't have to look at it. We all work differently. Nothing wrong with appealing to as many folks as possible. The time line only takes me to certain events. I still have to do some scrolling.
I come from software that has both. Though the scrollbar is there all the time.

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It was probably a "post in haste", but you did say "The timeline takes up too much space" ... It takes up too much space for your taste (or goût}. Without qualification that looks like you are saying it takes up too much space to be of use to anyone. My hackles were raised when my favourite navigation aid was dismissed so easily. My hackles have subsided now ;-)

FWIW, it seems scrollbars are coming in MuseScore 4. But to be clear, there really are tons of faster ways of scrolling already, including mouse scroll wheel, PgUp/PgDown/Home/End keys, the Navigator, the Timeline, Find, etc. I suspect most people don't figure all of those and resort to things like attempting to drag empty spaces or whatever, which would indeed be very troublesome to say the least. But with all these tools at one's disposal, I can't imagine ever actually needing to physically drag a scrollbar.

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I can't imagine dragging a scrollbar very far either. That's why I wouldn't use it that way. It just depends on what people need and what they are used to. Shift+scrollwheel is very slow for me. Click anywhere on a scrollbar is much faster. I think the Timeline is for people whose needs are more complicated than mine. That's great, but it's just in the way for me. The Navigator is OK, but takes up more space than a scrollbar.
I use other audio, video and notation programs that have a scrollbar

Have you tried:
Home (beginning of score)
End (end of score)
Page Up (toward the beginning of score one screen)
Page Down (toward the end of score one screen)


Have you tried Navigator (View > Navigator)? A visual way to click on the portion of the score you want...

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For the record, the scroll wheel on your mouse (or equivalent touch gesture, like two-finger swipe) has always been the way to do this. But indeed now there will be another way as well :-). Useful especially for Thinkpads, which typically don't have any way to scroll otherwise.

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Marc, have you tried orchestrating a piano sketch to hundreds of instruments over several hours in Musescore vs Sibelius? Without a scroll bar the little mouse wheel is either imprecise if set to large increments, or gives you repetitive strain if set to small increments. And you can't drag the canvas because it's too slow over several pages, and shifts the canvas horizontally unintentionally too. Scrollbars exist for a reason. Just because all the cool mobile apps have a new design trend without them doesn't mean they're better than traditional UI design.

Anyway, your new designer agrees with me so we're all happy now. Greatly looking forward to composing in MS4 once we can edit CC and negative track delay.

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I've never used Sibelius, so I can't compare. But I certainly find MuseScore much easier to work with than Finale, whether orchestrating, arranging, composing, transcribing, or whatever. I haven't experienced issues with my touchpad settings being too imprecise, but I understand some systems might not respond so well. FWIW, I also use PgUp/PgDn a lot, and Ctrl+F, etc. In 12 years I don't think I've ever missed a scroll bar in MuseScore, and I virtually never use them with other programs either.

Anyhow, I'm not saying they should be there, and I'm not saying you're wrong for wanting them. It just wasn't clear if you were aware of the scroll wheel and equivalent touch gestures - a surprising number of people are not. So I am simply trying to help, by letting people know of a feature they might have missed.

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