How can I delete an entire single verse of a lyric without deleting all verses?

• Mar 4, 2022 - 14:48

I've created several lead sheets that have first and second endings with repeats. They also have lyrics with first, second, and sometimes third verses. When I unroll the songs to create one continuous lead sheet with no repeats, all the lyric verses are displayed throughout the unrolled song. I have not been able to find a simple way to clean up the lyrics by selecting an entire single verse and deleting it from areas where it shouldn't be displayed. (I can manually delete each word in a verse until the verse is "empty," but that's very slow and tedious. )

I've tried right-clicking on the first word in the second verse, choosing "Select" and then "All similar elements in the same staff." When I do this, ALL verses of the lyric are selected. So... what I really need is a way to select multiple consecutive measures that contain lyrics, and then select the the specific lyric verses that need to be removed from those measures. Am I overlooking an existing way to do this?

Obviously, I could have unrolled the lead sheets before adding the lyrics but, unfortunately, I didn't do it that way, and I have dozens of sheets that I'm trying to clean up.


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