Know any good soundfonts for the low clarinets (bass clarinet, etc.)?

• Mar 2, 2022 - 04:47

I am tired of hearing the same sound of the soprano clarinet being reused for alto, bass, contra-alto, and contrabass clarinets, lol. This might be true for some of you guys too.

I mean the biggest problem with that sound on low clarinets is that a pitched down common soprano clarinet doesn't exactly sound as great, also resulting in its delayed attack that spans entire calendars to start up. ESPECIALLY on the contras. XD But I bet you have noticed this before, too.

I'm asking about it here so other people can come and find this forum topic and have a good source for hopefully not just the bass clarinet's soundfonts out there. I often make music for the contras and alto, too. Preferably, don't leave those guys out :)

(I would also like if anyone wanted to link some great soundfonts for other less common & exotic members of common instrument families, e.g. alto/bass flute, bass sax (DEF this one! lol), contrabassoon, whatever)


I've attached the mono version of the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra's Bass-Clarinet here. Made a few tweaks to make the sustain-loop more useful. But it's not perfect. You can hear the wave effect in long-held notes.
Normal and Expr patches were made in accordance with 3.x versions of Musescore software.

The Orchestral version of the same clarinet is also available in the Aegean Symphonic Orchestra soundfont. The patch in this soundfont has a little smoother loop, but some notes have a small chorus effect at the beginning. Because attack and loop samples are arranged separately. This effect is caused by the difference in intonance originating from the player (between the attack part of the samples and the loop part).

Unfortunately, it is not possible to combine the good aspects of both versions. Because either the attack part is smooth, the loop part is wavy, or the beginning has a little chorus, but the loop can be a little better.

I hope you find this useful for some work.

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For anyone who wanted to try this out, in my opinion it was just as bad as the original musescore clarinet in the mid-high register. The lower register kept the more characteristic growl, but it is unable to play dynamics and therefore useless for anyone who's trying to listen to their own piece before publishing. Probably not worth the effort of downloading. No shade to the creator, just not really good quality.

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This soundfont currently includes the "Expr" patch. Since only the bank number is different (100:71 and 101:71), it will be necessary to manually select it from the mixer. It's a nice bass clarinet tone. Also: "Expr" patch and dynamics work.

Last minute: Added another necessary element to the soundfont. Thus, the expr, non-expr buttons from the synthesizer will also work. Soundfont below (only title and name changed):
Test it, it only takes two minutes.

Instructions (for MS3.x) :
Extract the files from the zip.
Put the soundfont in your soundfonts folder.
Open the demo mscz file in the Musescore.
Open the synthesizer and press the "Load from score" button.
Make sure soundffont appears on the synthesizer.
Play the demo.

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University of Iowa has a lot of great samples (bass clarinet, alto flute, bass flute), but it requires some work to make them into a soundfont

Contrabass clarinet can be found in this pack :

Sonatina Symphony Orchestra has Bass clarinet, contrabassoon, and an alto flute that's actually the one from SSO but drenched in reverb. You can find them in the Symphonic sounds soundfont :

Finally Eric Fontaine Jazz from the musescore forums recorded some great bass sax, alongside baritone, tenor, alto, and soprano. Those are raw samples and need work to make them into a soundfont :

Hope you got what you needed

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If someone can figure out how to put them together into a soundfont, that would be really nice. :)

I have listened to the bass sax sounds and they're not bad at all. You'd finally get a nice low B♭ sound without it sounding like a lowered baritone sax sound as default, lol. I have also checked out one of the bass flute sounds but it's a bit annoying having to use iTunes to open it and I can't replay it. Bothers me with dialogues too, before I'm able to close it out/play the sound. Basically I wish the bass flute was in .wav.

Someone tell me if they manage to group an instrument family into its own soundfont. Low clarinets, saxes, flutes together, whatever. :D I mean you don't have to, but again it would save time for us searching for things.

P.S. I'm dumb and the Symphonic Sounds sf I'm using had these acronyms in the sound names. E.g. "UoI" meant it was taken from uni of Iowa XD it seemed like gibberish to me at first.

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UoI samples are a bit annoying yeah, you have to turn them into wav before editting. i do that with audacity.
You can use Polyphone Soundfont enditor to create soundfonts but it requires a bit of knowledge.

I have my personnal soundfont that has all those instruments grouped, but since i don't know the licencing of all those samples, i prefer to keep it for me only.

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The Uol are free instruments and can be used and can be distributed, edited and uploaded to other platforms. The only thing maybe is that you should put where they come from but still there is no problem sharing it.
So if you want you can share your personal soundfont or the Uol soundfont in Musescore or other platforms.
Now I have seen about 300+ soundfont all around web and i think that soon I will select the betters ones in one, modern, "ultimate 2022 orchestra + others soundfont".

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I would love to have better soundfonts but I am by no means technologically competent to do anything more than use an sf2 file. Has anyone already done all of that and made the files into a usable soundfont? It's prohibitively complicated and inaccessible for non-technologically inclined people like me

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