Using © and ℗ Symbols

• Mar 1, 2022 - 20:41

I tried to paste the copyright © and publishing ℗ symbols into the copyright field of my score's properties but they aren't even the same size or font. Common guys. 😂😂 When other people comment that MuseScore doesn't look that professional, this is the kind of stuff they were talking about. 😂 The copyright symbol is a pretty basic thing; If you could possibly address this that would be helpful as I'd like to be able to include © and ℗ on the bottom of my sheets. 🥴


They are shown in whatever font you've chosen to show your footer in.

It seems that the default font (Edwin) for some reason has chosen to stylize those symbols differently, but picking any other font that has both symbols will show both of them. For example the previous (and still bundled) FreeSans/FreeSerif fonts both include correctly styles versions of those symbols.

The ℗ symbol (which is for phonogram, i.e. for sound recordings, so not sure why you want to put it on your scores, but anyway) is not in Edwin, so MuseScore will fall back to taking it from a different font, which is why it does not match the © symbol, which Edwin does include.

FWIW, as I read your post in Google Chrome or Gmail, the two symbols are also different sizes in the font my system uses by default. So it's not just MuseScore or Edwin. But indeed, if you find a font you like that includes them both at the same size, you're welcome to use that.

Note that the "P" symbol isn't normally appropriate for use in printed sheet music - it only applies to phonorecordings. As far as I know it's legally meaningless to put the P in sheet music. So if you're concerned with making it look more professional, probably best to simply skip the P.

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