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• Feb 25, 2022 - 20:45

Good Day,

I completed a part for Euphonium bass clef. I need a Euphonium treble clef as well. I highlighted the bass clef at the beginning of the piece and double clicked the treble clef in the palette and the chart transposed to treble clef with a few octave issues but it is fine
the first line bass clef symbol (only) did not change to a treble clef. All of the subsequent lines in the chart have treble clefs.
So I have a treble clef chart that has a bass clef symbol at the very beginning but is actually in treble clef.
What am i missing ? I've tried all of the clef change options in the manual. I've tried deleting the clef. All to no avail.
Any assistance appreciated


Hi , ............curious, I load your sheet and all is OK, treble key at the beginning, I change for bass key, then , for treble key, and all is perfect....................???

First - don't double-click palettes unless you're still using an older version of MsueScore where that was necessary. Otherwise, double-clicking will often add a symbol twice and cause some havoc.

Second, I'm guessing you want your treble clef version to be transposed an octave pls a major second also, which is fairly common (eg, to make it like trumpet fingering). So instead of simply changing the clef, you should really be changing the instrument, the euphonium treble clef, which does both the clef and the transposition change.

Third, it doens't look like you created this for euphonium at all - it seems you eityher told MuseScore to use piano, or maybe you just used the sample empty score as a starting point. That's not recommended, but if you do, be sure to change to the correct instrument so MuseScore knows how to handle the clefs, transposition, playback sounbd, etc.

Finally, when I load your score, I see a treble clef at the beginning. Are you saying it looks otherwise for you? If you are using an older version of MsueScore, could be that a bug in that area was fixed in the years since that older version was released.

If you are still seeing a problem in the current version (3.6.2), please explain in more detail what we need to do in order to see the issue.

I know there have been issues with changing clefs, keys, or time signatures right at the point of a multimeasure rest. But I'm not seeing a problem in this score right now.

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Marc & Raymond
Thanks for your response
FWIW I am using Musescore
I have closed Musescore and re-booted the computer and I still have a bass clef on the first line when i open the file grrrr
I copied the Euph part in bass clef from a paper chart into musescore on a blank format . Looked good.
I then highlighted the bass clef on the chart and clicked the treble clef in the clef palette. Everything changed to treble clef just fine except that darn bass clef at the top left hand corner. I just dragged the file to my question for you to view. Both of you have a treble clef in that top left corner apparently but I don't. I've changes clefs in the past month or so without this issue.

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