Asking this question back-to-front about NotePerformer

• Feb 20, 2022 - 02:20

So, I just purchased a subscription to NotePerformer, which in AUD is going to come to $15 a month for 12 months, at the end of which I will have a full working copy. Questions:

1) what is your current workflow from Musescore 3.62 to NotePerformer?

2) I understand that currently NotePerformer only supports Finale, Sibelius and Dorico. The first two are out of my budget: does anyone use Dorico?

3) Dorico users: which version (3.5 or 4) and which edition (Pro / Elements / SE) and how does that work for you?


Adding a bit of my own exploration, here. Downloaded and installed Dorico SE 4, which is the free version, limited to "2 players"... which means two sets of instrument, I suppose. I created a 1st and 2nd violin version of a little piece I wrote recently and it imported just fine into the SE version of Dorico, whereas adding just the violas made it spit the dummy: would only open Read-Only and wouldn't save. So, no free orchestral pathway from MS to NotePerformer via Dorico SE 4... have to shell out AUD$150.00 for Elements... and then, you have access to "24 players".

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