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• Feb 18, 2022 - 13:52

Hi fellow musicians,

I think the default range of the tenor saxophone is wrong (see screenshot attached). Amateur players usually don't go into altissimo, so it might be safer to have Eb5 as the highest note for a amateur tenor player. Also, it might be debatable but for a professionnal reaching C6 is "easy", some people consider one octave in altissimo as expected (in this case something like Eb6).

I know that the range can be customized, but it would be easier if the default range are right. Besides for people that don't play the saxophone it can ruin your arrangement if you write an altissimo G for an amateur player. (note for newbie arrangers : never write altissimo notes)


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OK, so Amateur upper range 2 semitones down, for Saxophone and Tenor Saxophone.
Also for Melody Saxophone (in C) (current range B2 to F5 for Amateur and Professional)?

Professional upper range 2 semitones up, for Saxophone and Tenor Saxophone? Or up to Eb6?.
What about Melody Saxophone (in C)?

It affects a couple templates too, not just instrument.xml

I've added it to (as 6d648f4)
Needs get put forward to master still, I'll let @shoogle know

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Thank you for answers, I don't know about the melody saxophone but I guess it's like the other ones, something like Bb2 to F5 for amateur range.

amateur range :
soprano : Ab3 to Eb6
alto : C#3 to Ab5
tenor : Ab2 to Eb5
baryton : C2 to Ab4 (most baryton have a low A key nowadays)

for the professionnal range, I would say :
soprano : Ab3 to G6 (hard to get higher and not useful anyway)
alto : C#3 to Ab6
tenor : Ab2 to Eb6
baryton : C2 to Ab5

Of course some players can go higher but it's pretty rare.

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