Curious: How do you input 12:8 (12 notes in 8 beats)?

• Feb 11, 2022 - 15:01

I have been arranging some of Frank Zappa's compositions for jazz band, and have had a reoccurring question as stated in the subject line: how does one input a compound phrase where, for example, 12 notes are played over 8 beats (or similar)? I tried using the tried and true method for triplets ( ie, ctrl-3) and the like, but it didn't work when I went beyond 9 notes per given beat(s).

Anyone have ideas/solutions?

Thanks, Bob


12 notes over 8 beats means 3 notes over 2 beats. This is way less than "9 notes per given beat(s)".

if the beats are on quarter notes, you select a half note (rest) and press ctrl-3.

I would like the picture of your time-signature......... If you mean "12/8" it means that, in 1 measure , you have 12 pulses(notes) with a "visible duration" of "8" that means a visible duration of quaver or eight note . In a 4/4 measure you always have 4 times , so if you need 12 notes, you write , for each time , for each quater note-crochet, 3 quaver-eight notes , so 12 in a full measure ... Usually the first number is 2...4..... but , in certains pieces it is 6 or 9 or 12, there are "ternaire" (in French) because this number is "divisible" by 3, so it sounds "swing" , you get a "simili triplet" in each time, but , you don't write this triplet, you are able to enter 3 quavers in 1 time, beacause your 12 or 9 or 6 . Tne best example of 12/8 is HALLELUJAH by PENTATONIX or GHOST-UNCHAINED MELODY, the feeling of 3 pulses by time is very easy to feel : 1.2.3 /1.2.3/1.2.3/1.2.3/ for a 12/8 measure with your strong time on each "1", and if you add these 4 times you have 12 notes, written 3 by 3, in 4 blocks of 3 notes (not triplet)

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