Score Panning?

• Feb 10, 2022 - 15:44

Noticed during playback when reaches the end of the page view (ie, height), panning then advances to the next view.

Is there any way to allow the panning to occur maybe a staff height before moving on to the next view?

This way the view is scrolling smoothly looking ahead if this makes sense.


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BTW: If the score has repeats or forward/backward jumps (like D.C. al Coda), use the 'teleport left' and/or 'teleport right' check boxes.
Alternatively, you can unroll the repeats to avoid any jumping around during playback. (Tools > Unroll Repeats)

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In my understanding the request is not for a "vertical smoothpan", but rather to reposition the score sooner if there's enough vertical distance for more than one system within view.

Currently MuseScore repositions the view only the moment the cursor falls outside the view area. This means that you, as a player, have no score look-ahead if you're at the "bottom" system of the current viewport.
If MuseScore would reposition the view so you always at least see the current + next system if possible you'll end up with more total score repositioning, but should get a "smoother" play-along experience as the human player.
I also think it might make sense to only use this logic in Single Page View.

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