Searching for "ryleyfree" the piano composer.

• Feb 10, 2022 - 08:49

I can't find this amazing composer who has disappeared, and I'm desperately searching for some of his pieces. Composers name was ryleyfree. Pieces names; they had a few interesting odd names, so my Fibromyalgia fog brain wont let me recall them to search on Google. Any help appreciated locating him or their new name, much appreciated.
Their pieces got me through some really bad mental health times, and I would really appreciate them now.

Many, many thanks,
Alicia Manolas.


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Jojo-Schmitz, Thankyou for you response, it's much appreciated! Does that numerical code denote the user deleted themselves or they were forcibly deleted, do you know? I Did ask musescore for help but they didn't see his name and suggested I ask here... I got the feeling that they, the very lovely person I was communicating with weren't much more advanced on the musecore system than me, (not very).
[I'm a Musette player with little tech or e capability, more able to sing a score in Cantaireachd mouth music than ever get it loaded onto musescore, though I read traditional bagpipe music].

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I was forced to delete my own account so to say. I knew it would have happened soon anyways, so I gave up. Like I said, I am not going back to MuseScore ever again, but I just wanted to clarify why I deleted it.
Went through a rough time in life afterwards. 2 mental hospitals later, and a lot of help from family and friends really helped me get back on my feet.

I am very surprised I even found this thread, and very shortly after it was posted.

This is he. Just found this out by randomly searching myself on Google.

I have been banned bc of alleged cyberbullying. On top of that, I decided to quit MuseScore as a whole 2 years ago. I have no intentions of going down the path I did again. I hit rock bottom after I was banned, and I kinda deserved it for harrasing everyone. However, I am doing much better now. I have sought out help, and I'm even back in college again.

If you want to get in touch with me, I have YT, Facebook and email.

Thanks, Ryley

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