New Free Fazioli F308 Grand

• Feb 10, 2022 - 00:31

If you are looking for a large piano sound with lots of natural resonance then the new Fazioli F308 Grand may be a good fit. Dore Mark released this new sampled piano in January 2022 and has given me permission to convert and tailor it to work with sf2 format. Dore's full version uses 10 mic positions and is available at in Kontakt and sfz versions. My conversion (299 mb) uses the audience perspective microphones with 5 velocity layers and can be downloaded from my google drive here:
(Edit updated to latest v2.6 which inclues new presets).…
This and any improved versions are now available from my website
There is a quick sound demo here:…
A big thanks to Dore Mark for allowing me to share this lovely piano.


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