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• Feb 7, 2022 - 00:14

How do I get the 'Style' to save?

I save the style I want, go into preferences>score and put the path location in the correct spot, but the 'staff distance' (which I have in the 'disabled' function, doesn't seem to transfer, even though in the 'style' it loads because it is what I have saved, and when I click 'load style' it works. I want it to open in the new score, it should open in the new score, but it doesn't.



I'm guessing maybe you are referirng to the vertical justification of staves? I do recall a bug where that setting in particular doesn't save correctly. But, you definitely should not be turning that off for all your scores. It's a very special purpose thing, useful for lead sheets or other single-staff scores in which for whatever reason there needs to be an imbalance between the number of systems between pages, but in general, for most scores, it leads to bad results, with ragged bottom margins between pages that shouldn't be there. So for lead sheets,m you can make a custom template, but for most scores, you should leave this at the default.

if you explain more detail what special effect you are trying to achieve, we can understand and assist better.

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I've attached 4 pics showing what I mean, two with it enabled, two with it not enabled. I don't make long scores anyways, and it is much easier (and it used to be that way before the update) with it disabled, You'd think something like that would hold when you save a style, but it's the ONLY thing that isn't.

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Those are blank so very hard to judge - decisions based on what an empty score looks like will often turn out to be counterproductive in real music. By the time notes are added and the page fills, what seems now like a good idea will usua.ly turn out to be bad. If you have a case where it seems otherwise, can you please attach that and explain the problem in more detail?

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