Reversed C time signature

• Feb 3, 2022 - 16:04

I need a reversed C time signature (= 4/2) for a piece of Baroque music. I used 4/2 time and then went into Time Signature properties. There I found a reversed C symbol; see the first screen shot. When I clicked "OK", it showed a reversed C but in a different, plainer font (see second shot). I tried to change the font for this symbol can't seem to. I would like the reversed C to match the appearance of the regular C time signature used elsewhere in this volume. Any way to do this?

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Open the master palette (shift/k) scroll to Reversed Time Signatures. You may need to lock in the manual to find how to add symbols.

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I found the appropriate section (Shift-F9, then Symbols, then Reversed T.S.) and located the reversed C symbol, which is helpful. I tried to create a new time signature from the Master Palette, using 4/2 as the value, but wasn't able to make it display the reversed C symbol.

I guess I could make the existing, plain symbol invisible and put the one I found over it as a text element, but it would be nice if I could create a 4/2 using the 'curly' reversed C symbol. The manual is not helpful about using doing this.

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