Scope of plugin shortcuts

• Feb 1, 2022 - 12:52


I wrote my own "toggle visibility" plugin, so I removed the shortcut for that action in preferences->shortcuts, and defined V as the shortcut for my plugin.

That works, but when I'm entering text, I can't type the letter 'v' anymore.

So musescore is treating shortcuts differently. Is there a method to set the 'scope' of a shortcut?
And if not, is there a method to find out if you are in 'text mode' and if so, is it possible to insert
a letter at the text cursor's position? If so, I can do this in my plugin.
It would hardcode the shortcut in my plugin code, which is kind of ugly, but I can live with that.


PS. I know I can choose a key-combination that isn't used in text as shortcut, so that's not the issue :-).


I believe the plugin assigned shortcuts are hardcoded as "Application Wide".

Not sure whether you can "catch and forward" the keypress; I'm assuming you perhaps could get the text edit state derived from scoreStateChanged but it could be that this is only triggered after the text input is completed.

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