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• Feb 1, 2022 - 09:58

Hello, is there a way to do a global search/replace in the lyrics? It turns out that some imported files have characters that MuseScore apparently does not recognise, like œ or æ, and which appear as a black trapezoid with a question mark on the score. Or perhaps I should select a different font for the lyrics? Is that possible? Attached is the first page of a file imported from

Using v3.6.2 on a Mac M1 with BigSur

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No, there isn't and search and replace function. Still œ and æ should show properly and do for me, using the default font, Edwin, if I enter them (but indeed don't in your score)

Yes, selecting ISO-8851-1 or latin-1 in the midi import panel works in the score - thanks! - but curiously it messes up the lyrics column in the panel - which is unimportant for me, but It thought I would point it out anyway.

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