Missing instrument list

• Jan 30, 2022 - 22:13


I'd like to add some instruments to my score but the instruments dialogue is empty (see attachment). I think I had this problem before because I have my Musescore folder in a non-standard location - ie not the documents folder - but I can't remember how I fixed it.

I had a look in Preferences -> General, and all the file paths are up to date. What should things look like in Preferences -> Score? Maybe this is where I'm going wrong... Also, what should be in "Instrument list 1":?

Thanks very much in advance for whoever can help me.


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Make sure that the search box is really empty. If you happen to have two or more spaces you won't see them but MuseScore will show the list of instruments with two or more spaces in their name and there are none.

Make sure that under Edit → Preferences → Score the value for "Instrument list 1" is ":/data/instruments.xml" if you wish to use the MuseScore default built-in instrument list.

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