normalization workaround

• Jan 29, 2022 - 19:39

Is there a way to not have normalization in mp3 or other audio file export? I want the file to play exactly how the musescore playback sounded due to how i have the settings set to how it would sound if its played by an live orchestra like the crescendos. The disable normalization doesnt work as it still normalizes without my permission


Did you use menu item: Edit > Preferences then on the 'Export' tab, in the 'Audio' section, uncheck 'Normalize'?
Did you click 'Apply'? 'OK'?

To be clear: normalization isn't compression. A normalized file does sound like a live orchestra (or whatever), and still has crescendos. The digital values are just adjusted for correct results when played back over the web or on the radio. The whole point being, to make the audio the same volume as other songs on the web or on the radio, so that other users are not forced to listen to music at the volume you prefer, but will hear it at the volume they have set. So best not to disable it unless you don't plan to share the file with anyone else.

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