How to combine 16th bass drum notes amongst 8th hi hat and snare notes?

• Jan 26, 2022 - 06:02

Hi guys,

I am a complete beginner to playing a musical instrument so my apologies in advance! I am trying to work out a song I like by listening to it slowed down in Audacity and then writing it out in Musescore. I got stumped in the first measure when I try to add 16th note bass drum notes amongst the 8th note hi hat and snare notes.
I started by adding 8 hi hat 8th notes, and then a snare quater note on counts 2 and 4.
I then had trouble working out how to add 16th bass drum notes 'inbetween' the hi hat 8th notes. I worked around this by starting at the first note of the measure and adding a full bar of 16 16th bass drum notes and then deleting all of them except for the two that I needed on the 'a' of 2 and again on '+' of 3.

However now it appears I have done something wrong as I appear to have 'lost' one of my hi hat counts for the measure. Once again so sorry for my terrible explanation.. I think my bass drum in being played on the 3rd beat as opposed to the 'a' of the 2nd beat before it but I can't work out how to shift the bass drum back one 16th count.

I have uploaded a screen shot of how the measure looks and if anyone could let me know what I have done wrong and or an explanation as to how I should be adding in 16th notes with the other 8th notes I would be forever in your debt!!

Thank you in advance

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Best way is to select the first note, double click on the bass drum in the drumset panel . This will automatically put the bass drum into the 2nd voice. You will notice it will add additional note values along the bass drum space on the staff. And you will see the voice change from 1 to 2 on the tools menu.

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