Volta using loop?

• Jan 26, 2022 - 01:16

I have no problem using and understanding using volta. But, I don't understand surrounding the voltas with looping alters the way volta works?

The attached screenshot shows 4 measures which work fine. If I want to practice volta 1 and 2, I added a loop which alters how voltas works?

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Looks like you have entered too many start repeat barlines.

Could you attach the score itself rather than a picture, which is unplayable.
Also, please describe in detail how you wish it to be played.
For example, explain your desired "roadmap" in words:
1. Play measures 23 to 28, taking the first volta
2. Return to measure 23 and play to measure 30, skipping the first volta
3. Return to measure 23 and... etc....

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since it's. larger score I just supplied screen shot. But, I created one for you to view.

daaah, I removed the beginning repeats for exercise. Thankx for that.

So, playing the score entirely works as expected.

My question(s):
1. I put a loop around the measures 1-8. after playing once through, plays measure 1-4 as expected but then replays measures 1-4 again before entering prima Volta. Goes back to meas 1-4 then enters 2nd Volta. so my question is why is measures 1-4 play twice before entering prima Volta?
2, when using voltas as I am doing, the right repeats have no value other than 1 because not having a left repeats ?
3. referring to item #2, if the repeat count is ignored with voltas, I need 2 additional measures for each Volta to get 4 measures (which would make up the repeat count of 2 using normal left and right repeats)?

hope this makes sense, Thankx

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  1. The loop covers the entirety of m1-8, so what is being looped is the following:
    1-4, volta1 (end repeat), 1-4, volta2 (with end repeat), 1-4
    Only then is end of loop encountered, throwing you back to start of loop.

  2. The play count of the measures with the end repeats is 2, as per your score. If it was one, there would be no repeat upon normal playback. This has nothing to do with having a start repeat marking before them or not. In fact, the start of a score and section acts as an implicit start repeat; so you don't need the left start repeat in m1 at all.

  3. Repeat count is not ignored when using voltas at all. Not sure where you got this idea..

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There's no such thing as a repeat count for a volta, there's a repeat list for them, in Inspector and every of your voltas has exactly one entry there. There's a play count for the repeat, in the measure propeties of the measure containing the end repeat barline, this defaults to 2 and is using that in your score too.

Every but the last volta needs to end with an end repeat barline, so your score has one to many at the end

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