Too many rests! How to delete???

• Jan 19, 2022 - 18:06

I know this problem has been asked before, but I've read all the posts and tried all the solutions and read the handbook... I still can't get the absurd rests off the measures. See photo. These rests are absurd, yes? How can I delete them? I've tried everything I know.

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Hard to tell from just a picture - seeing the actual score would be more useful. But it seems very likely you are using voices incorrectly. Those rests wouldn't be there in the first place had you entered the notes into voice 1 as you normally should. The only reason for those notes to be in voice 2 would be if this is a contrapuntal piece and you need to show that the other voice on that staff is resting, or if this is music for two musicians to read from a single staff, and you need to tell the person playing or singing the top part to rest.

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Actually, it's from a midi-loaded score. It's a clarinet track. I don't understand why Musescore puts all those rests on a staff when the measures are obviously full. It happens often. Even in measures with whole notes. Even when I copy and paste the notes to a different measure in a different voice, the rests stay there, like they are stuck with the notes.

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MIDI lacks basic info about notation and is really not a good choice. Without examining the file I question, it’s hard to guess what data it might have contained that cause the second voice to be needed, but presumably, it’s about two notes of different durations sounding at the same time - music notation requires multiple voices to do that.

So your task here is to eliminate all places where there are such overlaps. They you’ll be able to get everything into a single voice, and the rests won’t be needed.

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