"exclude from measure count" not working

• Jan 19, 2022 - 15:52

In the pickup measure of the attached score, "exclude from measure count" can be checked or unchecked: the result is always the same. The measure is always counted. Not a big problem, but I'd like the measure count to agree with the score I'm working from. It's the same if Parts are used and the measures in both parts and the score are checked.

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With the 1st measure, the pickup one, being excluded from measure count, the 1st measure of the 2nd system gets the measure number 5 displayed. Else it'd be 6.
So this setting does work and take effect. That settong is even synced between score and parts.

I am not see this at all. When I load your score, the first measure of the second system is numbered 5. If I go to the pickup measure properties and disable the exclude option, the first measure of the second system changes to 6, as expected.

It's possible there is a temporary glitch where in some cases, numbers don't always update immediately but wait until the next full layout of the score.

As Jojo said, the measure number displayed in the score is correct. The measure number in the status bar on the bottom does display the wrong number though. Not sure if that is intended or a bug though.

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