Not all sets appear in pop-up box in "Add to Set" function

• Jan 13, 2022 - 16:54

When using "Add to Sets" only 20 sets appear as if it is reading only the first page of the set list. However, not all sets on the first page appear.

Attached is the dialogue screen shot. The full set list may be accessed at


Hi Dick

This week I ran into the same "Add to Set's" limitation over at

They need to add a scrolling list to the dialog.

Please let us know if you're started a post at the .com side on this very limiting issue. And if so, please include the link. I'd like to comment.


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Jojo-Schmitz wrote >

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The new "Add to Set" button ..., indeed shows only 20 sets, and apparently the 20 oldest.

Thanks for confirming Jojo.

I don't see how to post images at .com so I'll illustrate here:

When a visitor visits my Sets page they see all 20 of my public sets (and my two privates sets are correctly omitted from view):


Sets - Visiotrs view.png


Here's the menu I use to open the Add to / Remove from Sets dialog (located at the right edge of the following image)


Add-Remove menu.png


As the account holder I see only 20 choices, but because I also have two Private sets I should 22. (Note the copious waste of vertical space and the lack of a vertical scroll bar)


Add-Remove dialog with only 20 sets.png

When I simply go to>"My Account">My Sets I see all sets: 20 listed on the first page, and two listed on the last page, and they appear sorted by choice, in this case that's alphabetical.

So no problem with this part of the equation. And the choices there only affect Set properties such at Title, Description, and Privacy. And this view of Set has a welcomed drop-down menu for sorting the Sets and a Set search field.

User's Sets - Pg 1.png
User's Sets - Pg 2.png

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