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In the last update, I saw that the distribution of staffs and systems would automatically be distributed saving composers time with playing with the page themselves. Can we opt-in or opt-out of that update?

I've been writing scores with four-part vocals and pipe organ. The auto arrangement allows only one system per page with the space between the staffs unusually distant, especially for the pedal part. Even if I reduce the size of the font for the page, it will not allow two systems.

In the attached sample, the first page shows the way I want it. On the second page, the format changed. I don't know why. It can't be edited.

Prior to the update, I was able to put four vocal parts and pipe organ on a page with two systems per page. I can't manually adjust any longer. Is there a way to do it? Or can I opt-out of the update? Let me know. Thanks!

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You can set a slightly smaller scaling value in Format > Page Settings so your two systems can fit again. The auto-distribution does not make your systems larger; it only distributes the available vertical white space after it has been determined how many systems can fit on the page using the minimal distances.

But yes, you can also go into Format > Style > Page and choose to Disable vertical justification of staves.

To be clear: as mentioned, the change in question should never affect how many systems fit on a page - only how they are spaced. If you're seeing an issue with number of systems per page, it's not due to that, but something else. Like, perhaps the new fonts are a pixel or two taller somewhere, or some other settings was tweaked causing just enough more space to be needed that fewer systems fit. Or it could be something as simpler as a note or marking far above or below the staff on this particular score is requiring the extra space - it might have nothing to do with the version of MuseScore used.

In order to better understand and assist, we'd need to see the actual score with the problem, not just a picture of it.

I'm pretty new to MuseScore and admit to being ignorant in this area. I had worked with Finale years ago and seem to remember being able to manually adjust staff and system vertical spacing and even measure horizontal spacing to allow for tightening up a chart. I can't seem to do either of these things in MuseScore and I can't find much on how to do this or if it is possible. It seems that the auto distribution algorithm is random in how and when it will re-space my systems and measures. I have two sections that are virtually identical and yet they are formatted differently and I can't get them to match. Is there a discussion or forum I can submit a sample score to get advice on how to tighten up my scores? I'm happy to repost this as a fresh discussion but it seems to fit nicely with dmichaelmgill's issue.

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For more info, see the Handbook section on formatting - definitely, you can adjust spacing, both vertical and horizontal, in multiple ways. But if reading the Handbook doesn't help, then as mentioned, start a new thread and attach the specific score you are having trouble with, and describe the specific type of change you are trying to make.

Normally, of course, it's reasonable to expect identical passages to be laid out identically. Probably the is some difference you aren't taking into consideration, but when you post your score, we should be able to understand and assist better.

I always do this for my scores. First, go to Format > Style, and on the Page menu, check the box to "Disable vertical justification."

Disable vertical justification.png

Then, grab a staff spacer from the palette and place it on the staff in question.

Staff spacer.PNG

Then, just drag the spacer as needed. Viola!


I use the vertical justification on some stuff, but for other scores (similar to the one you're working on), I need the precision control this method offers.

Hope this is a help!

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