Mixing Repeats-Jumps with Prima Volta

• Jan 11, 2022 - 14:50

Confused about mixing these in one score.

Created a score using Repeats and Jumps without issue. i decided to add a few bars using Prima Volta in the same score (tested as a separate score and had no issue).

Is it possible to mix both in the same score? Selecting just the Playback on the The Prima Volta section does not work properly.

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RepeatsJumps-PrimaVolta.mscz 15.5 KB


Apparently not. Slight improvment by changing the prima volta's repeat list to 2.
You have a D.S. al Fine in measure 6, but no Fine? And a Coda in measure 4 that is not being jumped at?

Consider adding a section break at m6 (or a start repeat at m7) to separate your exercises; including the playback count interpretation of them.

In your original score you don't ever reach that first volta during the first time playback count due to the end repeat of m6. Nor does your jump take effect because of not playing m6 during the "final" repeat count associated with the start repeat at m6 (which is influenced by all those end repeats at those voltas).

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328304-RepeatsJumps-PrimaVolta.mscz 14.64 KB

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