Multimeasure rests - editing of number position will not be saved ?!

• Jan 10, 2022 - 17:31

Hello there !

Number position of multimeasure rests can be defined for the whole score in: Format→Style…→Score.
For single multimeasure rests this can be done in the inspector.
I find this very helpful in the case that an additional text ( for example tempo text like allegro moderato) above the number would need very much space in heigth.
In such cases I often set the rest number under the staff.

My problem now:
The edited number positions will not be saved.
After reopening the score all numbers are back on the position that is generally set in Format→Style…→Score

Are there any important proceedings that I may have overlooked ?
Or is this issue maybe a bug that could be fixed by knowledged and kind people ?
(I use the latest version)

Thankfully Yours, Ulf


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Thank you very much !
Indeed the user in the link had the same ideas and needs as I.
But I did not find that post during my search, sorry.
I will wait patiently and I am looking forward to the new release.
Meanwhile I will export the score as pdf after making those adjustments.
At least I will have a printable version, hopefully without mistakes discovered after closing the file ;-)

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Hi there !

Today I tried Musescore 4 MuseScoreNightly-latest-x86_64 just to see if the problem might be solved.
Unfortunatedly it is still there...
And another thing:
It is not possible to add text to a multimeasure rest as it was /is in Musescore 3.
To add the text you have to "open" the multirest, attach the text to a single bar and then again create the multirest. I find this a bit uncomfortable if you just want to add for example tempo texts or cues to an almost finished sheet.
One could think changing the number position of single multitrests (not in general for the whole sheet) is not a that important feature.
Please let me explain:
I work as a percussionist in a symphony and opera orchestra, and we often have to deal with poorly edited sheets, for example old italian and french operas but new compositions as well. Very often the material we get from the publishers does not suit the needs of an percussion section

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Hello Marc,
(sorry my comment was not yet finished... ;-)
thank you for that advice!
I will try to do so, I recently opened an account on github , but I have no experience there and maybe I will have my problems there .
May I come back here and ask for help if needed ?

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(clicked the wrong button...) cont.:

In such a case I like to make a new percussion score with musescore.
Now: Percussion parts in operas or symphonies have of course many many rests, so multimeasure rest is an important tool for that.
Esp. in operas you will have many many tempo indications , some of them quite long like "Allegretto gioccoso ma non troppo" or even longer german instructions like in G.Mahler or R.Strauss.
Together with a multirest number above the staff you get a cluttered look and the spaces between the staffs will get too big.
To avoid that the multirest number should be placed below the staff.
You see that very often in old hand engraved instrument parts, it is indeed very usual.

So this is the reason I am looking forward to Musescore 4 with this issue hopefully solved.
Thank you so much !
(Unfortunadly I have zero knowledge of programming and can't guess how difficult this is to do...)

Yours, Ulf

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Hi Marc and all others.

I recently installed Musescore 4.
Did not have much time to work with it so far, but:
The bug I described in Jan 2022 (Multimeasure rests - editing of number position will not be saved) for Musescore 3 is still there in MS 4 !
Should I open an official issue report on GitHub again for MS4 ?

Kind regards,

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Jojo Schmitz recommended me to open an issue report on Github. I did so in june 2022.
I think it has the same or a very similar title like this thread. Yesterday I wanted to open this issue as a new one for Musescore 4, but I saw that it was given this status "To Do" by Tantacrul (yellow priority , if I remember correctly).

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