Almost all slurs suddenly missing from second half of score

• Jan 9, 2022 - 05:45

A few weeks ago I got a popup when opening or closing my score that it had been corrupted - some time signature stuff that I think happened as a result of an incomplete measure I had added. But the bigger problem was that in any slur occurring at the beginning of a line had been distorted to stretch across multiple lines or even pages. Other slurs appeared a bit distorted but not as badly as the first of every line. I went through the entire score and deleted the distorted slurs and entered in new ones. My score was fine for several more work sessions and several times of saving, closing and reopening after that. Then today I noticed that for the last 25 pages of my score all of the slurs are suddenly gone, except for the ones that are at the beginnings of lines. This will be a lot of slurs to write back in, but I can do that. I'm just concerned about something having gotten messed up in the file when it first became 'corrupted' and how that might continue to manifest as I try to clean up one problem after another. Is there anything I can do about this? I have put a ton of work into this score since I corrected the first problem with the slurs so returning to a previous version is really not a good working option. Has anyone experienced this before? Thank you!


Adding score. I would not know how to reproduce the problem since I don't know how the score got corrupted, or if this slur problem is even related to the first problem of the score becoming corrupted. The last page that has the slurs as intended is page 22. The first page where they are missing, all except for the first slur is page 33. I have noticed that only the slurs got deleted, ties did not. This will be a substantial amount of work, adding them back in; I'm ready to do it, but am concerned about the condition of the score and whether they're just going to disappear again. Also, for context, the slurs were not added recently or added all at once; they would have been added in older work sessions that had been saved successfully many times. I do not even think they were added while working on this version of my score (I do 'save as' of different versions to preserve older work/ backups)

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Any idea how all of the slurs got deleted? It's dozens of them across about 30 section breaks and 20 pages, so there's no way I did it by accident. The only thing I could think of was the score corruption that occurred a couple weeks ago (I did get a notification that time from musescore). Thank you for checking the score.

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