Variable volume for each note

• Jan 9, 2022 - 01:56

I use the computer QWERTY keyboard, with the > key and < key features of MuseScore, going note by note (step function), but with a new sophisticated amazing breath musical instrument. It works great, but I would like to enhance the playing by varying the volume of the note being played, to make it more “natural”. In other words: How can I vary the volume of a note CONTINUOUSLY (and not only in the full score)? In the "note by note mode", say you are playing a flute and you want to play each note with a varying volume as you blow stronger or weaker: How can you do that with MuseScore software? Thank you, Julian,


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You should select one of the Expr. sounds in the Mixer (F10).

For the Flute, use the Flute Expr. sound, which allows MuseScore to play back a single note with a gradually increasing or decreasing volume. For full control, you have to use dim. or cresc. hairpins in conjunction with a starting dynamic and an ending dynamic for the note(s), as demonstrated in jeetee's example score.

Expr. sounds for Single Note Dynamics.png

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