Viola da gamba soundfont

• Jan 6, 2022 - 21:54

I see that there's been discussion off and on over the years about viol soundfonts, but all the links I find are now defunct. Does anybody know where I could download bass/tenor/treble viol soundfonts that sound better than then built-in ones?


And piggy-backing in on this, I'm wondering whether anyone knows much about the actual process for generating a new soundfont?

Presumably at some point there are actual humans involved playing into microphones one might imagine. If that's the case it might make sense to try and recruit some heavy-hitter volunteers to obtain star-quality samples while perhaps helping expand awareness of the Musescore platform.

Or better yet, get some stunning young up-&-comer like André Lislevand to become Musescore's new voice-of-the-viol!

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Yeah, looks like one can use that Polyphone software (referred to in the next post) to create your own. I imagine the process is simple enough, but also a pain in the ass. I'm still hoping to find a usable viol soundfont that somebody else has made.
It's really not that big a deal that I find one, but it'd be somewhat nicer to hear my little ditties played by a viol robot rather than a cello robot.

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Actually that link doesn't work for me either. But I did poke around in that website, and found what you may have been referring to: "vieuxmac.early.musical.instrument.v2.3.4.sf2 (circa A=430 Hz. classical pitched)". And I was actually able to download it, yay.
I'll try installing it tomorrow and see how that goes. Thanks!

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