"Play" ran amok after I installed soundfont Chris Mandolin-4U-v3.0.sf2

• Jan 6, 2022 - 00:55

Completed my first full manuscript for practicing and learning Elves' Dance (E. Jenkinson) on mandolin.

My next step was to change the synthesizer's default sound to resemble a mandolin. Found and installed soundfont Chris Mandolin-4U-v3.0.sf2 on https://drive.google.com/file/d/10sVD4nvjomta-PwnsmRdPwzJYiK8aZK1/view.

Now, instead of sounding individual notes, the synthesizer adds a tone resembling a pickup note before each original note. Using DAH to represent a quarter note, an original measure DAH DAH DAH DAH came out as di DAH di DAH di DAH di DAH. Seems as if the tones bounce around in an echo chamber.


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Your score sounds fine with the default soundfont, so it seems that one you installed has issues. Best to report them to the creator of the soundfont, then remove that soundfont from your system and return to the default, or experiment with others.

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Thank you, Marc.

Thought I’d removed the mandolin soundfont. Will return to MuseScore and try again. Perhaps an exorcism will be needed. ;-)

I read that the original synthesizer was supposed to emulate 128 instruments, but couldn't figure out how to access any ... or did I misunderstand?

Much obliged for your help. Seems a bit of a steep learning curve, but I'm getting truly useful results after a few days of click-a-mania. MuseScore is one tremendous resource!

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The default soundfont follows the General MIDI standard, so yes, around that many different sounds, actually quite a few more counting percussion. You shouldn't need to do anything special to access those sounds - if you add a mandolin by selecting it in the dialog when creating the score or later via Edit / Instruments, it gets the mandolin sound automatically. But you can also go to View / Mixer to change to a different sound if you like. See the Handbook sections on playback for more info.

Yeah i made this soundfont for playing mandolin on a midi keyboard - not for Musescore. Lots of the presets have continuous tremelo effects so be careful when selecting a preset. Some of the presets however should work.

i had a look inside Chris's Mandolins sf2 and it is a bit of a mess there. there are not too many samples, but the plucked Prests 6, 7 and 14 seem to work.
regards bottrop

It gets wilder! Deleted all soundfonts, then re-installed GeneralUser GS MuseScore v1.442.sf2. Still get that warbling, echoing sound.

I think I've learned my lesson. For now, don't get too far ahead of myself ... if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Figure I may have to create an entirely new score to replace the original, hoping that it will use unaltered tones on playback. For what it's worth, here's a copy of the file since reinstalling GeneralUser GS MuseScore v1.442.sf2.

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