"BigTime": Large time signatures plugin [Release, proof-of-concept]

• Jan 5, 2022 - 14:11

Large time signatures have been requested in MuseScore for some time, but currently are not natively supported. This is a plugin which "converts" MuseScore time signatures into text-based large time signatures.

Plugin: https://gitlab.com/RunasSudo/musescore-bigtime-plugin/-/blob/master/Big…


Some notes:

  • Internally, the native time signatures are stretched to reserve space for the large time signatures, and hidden by making the opacity 0.
  • The large time signatures have the User-1 style applied. For correct results, reduce the line spacing (e.g. 0.34li).

This is a very simple implementation and has some shortcomings – e.g. there is limited customisability – but given how long this feature request has stood I thought I'd put this up as a proof-of-concept of sorts.


Thanks L'Moose on Discord for the suggestion – I've updated the plugin to use SMuFL large time signature symbols from Bravura. This removes the need to download and install any separate fonts!

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