midi keyboard works /doesn't work

• Dec 27, 2021 - 18:09

Trying to figure out what I'm missing here. Keyboard worked briefly on a measure, then stopped working. the mouse over rides note input. Sound from keyboard stops. Everything for midi connect looks correct-- keyboard is connected -- in preferences midi input is selected, in I/O the keyboard is there and selected. The midi icon in the tool bar is highlighted. When I hit "n" or click the N in upper left for note input it seems to default to mouse input rather than midi keyboard. I hit N and a note appears right under the mouse arrow. Once or twice the keyboard suddenly worked for note input then stopped working and the mouse took over. Any suggestions?


Mouse and computer keyboard always work for note input - they don't get disabled just because you have a MIDI keyboard connected. So that much is normal. Are you saying pressing a note on your MIDI keyboard does not also work? If so, be sure your keyboard is configured to send MIDI note off messages - some keyboards apparently don't.

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