"Regroup Rhythms" removes slur

• Dec 25, 2021 - 22:33

#196771: Regroup Rhythms deletes various elements, even more lost on undo was deemed fixed in 2018, but the issue I'm seeing in version 3.6.2 would seem to fall under its umbrella.

Screen Shot 2021-12-25 at 4.11.13 PM.png

Running "Regroup Rhythms" (on this full measure, or on just the notes) doesn't change any rhythms but does remove the slur.

I appreciate Marc Sabatella's caveat (in https://musescore.org/en/node/206751) about this tool's inherent ambiguity in some situations, but surely in this case it is clear that the slur ought to be retained?


Indeed, seems slurs are keps in a lot of cases but not this one. Not clear why, but feel free to open a new issue with this specific example so we can investigate how this case got missed.

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