How to get a 6+ in figured bass?

• Dec 23, 2021 - 20:16

Hello, I can get "2+" and "4+" by typing "2" + "+" and "4" + "+", but when I type "6" + "+" I get a 6 slashed instead.
I need the "6+" symbol to notate augmented sixth chords. Is there a way? Thanks!


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Yes, I guessed it would be. But it is strange to use 2+ and 4+ and a different notation for 6+. Especially because the so called "Tristan chord" has the structure 2+, 4+, 6+, and it is important to notate it that way.
I don't like 6# because in many situations the augmented sixth doesn't employ a sharp but a natural sign.
Well, I guess I have to use staff text instead.
Thank you for your attention!

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It is a little odd at first that the # sign is universally to mean a raised degree even though in flat keys it might literally be a natural sign on the note, but not to worry - any musician who knows how to read these type of symbols in the first place will understand with no difficulty, since it is how both figured bass and Roman numeral analysis are normally notated.

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Yes, indeed. And the flat sign is also used improperly to signify, for instance, a diminished fifth (5b). But I consider all this sloppy notation and prefer to use always the plus sign to indicate augmented intervals and the minus sign to indicate diminished ones, in theoretical analyses, at least. I understand that musical practice is what it is and I don’ t believe it will ever change.

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