Baroque Lute Tablature bass notes query

• Dec 17, 2021 - 09:20

I came here to ask how to have the diapasons (lower strings below the stave) as they should appear, but something odd just happened.

I created a score with treble clef and tab, changed them to baroque lute. I noticed the bass tablature notation was all on the 6th-string space, which obviously I didn't want. So I closed it, came here to write a request for help, but opened it again to take one last look and share with you a bar number...and the problem had been fixed. The bass notes have their ledger lines in the tab.

I'm just wondering how this happened?


"I created a score with treble clef and tab"

For which instrument exactly?
Do you have an example of a score at this stage of the input?
(to understand what could have happened by changing this instrument to a baroque lute)

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