Measures Won't Delete

• Dec 10, 2021 - 22:48

Self explanatory. Measure won't delete. I'm on mac. Yes it's highlighted. Delete doesn't work. Command+Delete doesn't work. Tools>Delete Selected Range doesn't work. Right click > Measure -> Delete doesn't work. The only thing that's happening is that if I have notes written in they will get deleted and revert back to a measure long rest. When the measure is already blank nothing happens. I downloaded MuseScore 30 minutes ago so there are no shortcut errors. I have used MuseScore for several years. If I highlight multiple measures and try to delete all of them using all methods mentioned above it does not work, the same thing happens: Only notes revert to rests.


Hi, David,

Did you close MuseScore and restart it?

Did you reboot your computer?

Delete should just delete all notes in selected measures. Command+Delete should delete the selected measures themselves (as I'm sure you know).


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Indeed, there is a known issue where for reasons that unfortunately no one understands, someone this command stops working until your quit and restart the program. Happens most often on macOS, but thus far no one has figured out what causes it to happen, and none of the developers have been able to reproduce the problem. If it ever happens again, see if you can remember the last thing you did before it stopped working, and if that ends up being a way to reproduce the problem on demand.

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Just encountered this problem on Linux. Last thing I was doing before I noticed it was editing the layout and style settings. Most recent action was a bunch of bar resizing using ctrl+[
I also recently changed the page top and bottom margins and minimum system distance.
Restarting Musescore solved the issue, for the record.

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Actually, in the years since my previous comment, we figured out the cause - it's accidentally hitting Ctrl+I while in normal mode. This was meant at one time to invoke a special form of insert mode but it was never completed, and the only real effect right now is that it disables deletion for some silly reason. Simply pressing Ctrl+I again will toggle you out of that crazy mode.

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