Palettes suddenly disappeared

• Dec 8, 2021 - 14:16

I'm using MuseScore since a very long time and yes there where problems and you had to know a LOT of work arounds to make it perfectly useful for complex projects. And let me say: I think you are doing a great job and I'm very excited to work with the new version, it all reads amazing.

BUT: just after the update to the newest version, my palettes are suddenly empty. In short: that sucks. Doesn't really matter how that happened, may not have been the update. PLEASE make sure that this stuff doesn't happen. I really don't care how great the new features sound, just make sure you're not ending up in a position, where the overall program becomes less useful.

I like working with MuseScore, I really hope this doesn't change or I end up sticking with an outdated version to make sure everything is working.

I'm in the lucky position, that I have multiple macs, so I'll be investigating this behaviour as soon as I have time. Lets end this with a kind feature request: add an option to save the palette settings :)

Best, Rincewind


That option exists already. Save and load, /right-click into a palatte's title)
Also switching and resetting workspaces (all palettes, toolbars and more)

Unfortunately it's impossible to prevent every single possible that might happen on any given users' system, but we do try as hard as we can to provide a trouble-free experience.

If you are not seeing the palette window at all, the most likely explanation is you accidentally closed it by press F9 (or Fn+F9). Press it again to restore.

If you see the window but no contents in it, first be sure you didn't accidentally change worksapces - check the control at top right of the toolbar and be sure it says Basic or Advanced (the two worksapces that come with MuseScore). if not, try changing to one of those. If you were in a custom workspace and changing to a default on that restores the palette, it means something went wrong with your workspace, and we can try to debug from there.

If you see an empty palettes window even in Basic or Advanced workspaces, and you were updating for the first time in several years, then it could be your OS and/or graphics drivers are simply too old and do not support OpenGL. Try updating your OS and.or graphics driver. If that seems to be the problem but you cannot update, there are possible solutions there are well.

And yes, as mentioned, palettes can already be saved.

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