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• Dec 7, 2021 - 07:47

In this transcription for the Dominican Güira I am having trouble spacing the notes relatively equally. I feel as though there is a lack of general cleanliness/neatness between identical bars. As you can see in the attachment below, bar 45 is significantly tighter looking than bar 1. I am aware I can use the { and } shortcuts to adjust the layout stretch but I can not seem to get at the very least all bars with identical rhythms to have the same length. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you for your time!

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The system with measure 1 contains one measure lesss than the one with measure 45, the indent, and timesig are not fully eating that extra space. Also measure 46 is "bussier" than measures 2-7 and 40-44 and 47, so add to the density. As does the "reduce strech" you did on the system with measure 45 (and some other systems) but didn't need in the first system.
Appart from that the stretch of measure 45 (and others) is 0.4, that is very small, 0.9 is enough already.

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The rules of music notation call for similar spacing of similar durations within a single system, not between different systems. The latter would be impossible, at least, if you want the systems to be right-justified (all extending to the right margin). There's no getting around math - if bar 45 were as wide as bar 1, and the others bars on those systems also the same width, then the overall system widths would be very different, because you have different numbers of measures.

MuseScore currently tries to achieve the goal of similar spacing of similar notes within systems, but any number of things can throw that off, most notably including accidentals. There is currently work being done to improve this for MuseScore 4.

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