Something general - where does it go?

• Dec 7, 2021 - 00:50

First of all I want to say that musescore is just fantastic! I used to work with Finale (500 bucks!!!!, much too much for an average musician), wasnt happy. But when I bought a new Mac (also too much for a musician, yes) the Finale guys seriously told me that I'd have to buy the software again due to the new OS. So: I'll never ever give them any dime any more!

Fortunately, there is now Musescore!!

Thanks to all these incredible guys making notation software affordable, yet intuitive! I downloaded it for free! I worked with it seamlessly - you will never get lost! They even have a heart for Jazz. Being so impressed I became a pro member and since then I'm happy to pay my dues. Hope my money helps the involved peope (musicians, programmers, managers ...) somehow.

However, I also see some business/money energy arising. The mobile app appears to me more a cash idea than a open source idea. But hey, that would be exactly what I'd need onstage as the missing link.

Also, what exactly is the idea of an "official author"? I thought that musescore's philosophy is being open. What is the use of scores that you cannot download (which most would download not to steal someone elses ideas but rather to reduce editing workload, isnt it?) And in case someone thinks s/he developed a incredible arrangement out of a composition of someone else: could that not be displayed somewhere else? Just to keep the thing "open" ...

So, is there s business model behind musescore or is it more of a open source community? It would be in order (yet not wanted by me), if musescore would convert to a business. But I would like to know that!


Hi, and thansk for your comments! FWIW, there is a pretty clean separation between the score sharing business on musescore. business and the actual open source software development. The business helps fund the development, but the score sharing website is not anything any of us here really have any particular relationship to except as users. So, for questions about that site, best to ask over there.

My sense as a fellow user of the site is that the "official scores" are scores submitted by the copyright owners themselves (well, by their publishers). Those copyright owners want to make official arrangements available to users, but probably they don't want them downloadable in hopes you'll buy the sheet music. Again, for more discussion of that side of things, best to ask on

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