Albums - Join Scores

• Dec 5, 2021 - 02:19


Trying to join scores into a single new MSCZ score.

Did a search, found the feature in Albums, but the message is:
"The Album feature has been disabled for 3.x. It will come back in 4.0."

So I did a copy/paste and it gets real close.
Doesn't include the repeat signs, not a big problem here, only a couple of them ...
but I would like it to include the Title, doesn't do that when I paste and there isn't room at the top of the 'pasted' section to add it easily.
Attached two that I'm trying to join and the 'test' copy/paste.

Is the "Album feature" getting close to release?


I tried copy/paste, and IIRC it didn't include the time signatures, which was bad because I had time-sig changes that weren't copied.

I looked at some .mscx files, and it looks as if I could write a Python program to do the Album merge, splicing multiple additional files into the first one before the final "/Score". Has anyone tried this? Is there anything here that I'm overlooking?

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