Notes still playing even after unchecking "play" in inspector panel.

• Dec 2, 2021 - 01:21

I'm trying to make a line of notes not play. I select the notes, open the inspector, click "Note" to specify what I'm editing, and then uncheck "Play". This seems to do nothing. The notes still play no matter what. This seems to be a problem isolated to the individual part pages - performing these same actions on the main score successfully silences the notes, but when I try to silence them on the individual part page, they still play. Help is much appreciated. Thanks.


The play property is not synced between main score and parts (it is considered 'Layout') so you'd need to apply it to either if you really want it off on either

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I am not sure that I understand, Jojo.

I am attaching a score (Ver 3.8) where all notes play, even though the notes on the lower two staffs have "Play" unchecked in Measures 45 through 47. Each of the three staffs is a separate instrument.

Note that Ver 3.7 (also attached), plays as intended. Namely, the unchecked notes are silent. Only the notes that have "Play" checked actually play.

The only difference between the two versions is that, in Ver 3.8, I swapped the music between the top and the bottom staffs, and switched which notes are marked "Play" (those on the top staff) and which notes have "Play" unchecked (the ones on the bottom staff).

What am I missing?

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Oops! Of course.

I was just look for a straight line with beginning text that I could show as dashed.

(1) How can I tell from the Inspector what type of line that I had chosen (in this case, a pedal).

(2) What is the preferred line to use for indicating a rit. or accel.? I did not want to start with a cresc. or dim. line because they might (either now or in the future) work like a hairpin.

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