Soundfont loop point problem

• Nov 30, 2021 - 21:06

Has anyone had problems with the instrument sample's loop points not being properly executed in MuseScore? I've made my Soundfont with Polyphone, and while the loop point sounds as intended in Polyphone or FL Studio's Fruity Soundfont Player, the loop points sound bugged in MuseScore.…
This is my SF2 file I'm talking about (MuseScore forums don't support SF2 downloads so I had to make a Discord message link).


For reasons I cannot explain in detail, short samples and loop points that are too close to each other produce similar results. The played note may also be out of tune. Different synthesizers may react differently to such very short samples.
Also, if a single sample is used for an instrument, the more octaves you move away from the original note of the sample, the more the artifact will increase.

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We cannot make very short samples longer with the Polyphone software. That's not what this software is for. Doubling the loop point, or quadrupling it, if necessary, can be done with another suitable software.
Also, a single sample is not sufficient for all octaves. Maybe if we push it hard, it can work up to one octave higher and one octave lower. More than that, yes a sound is obtained, but it becomes timbre/quality cartoon sound.

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Not only C4 and above, but also the others loop points are not good and there is not enough room to fix.
While one or two wave-cycles may suffice for bass notes, as octaves rise, more is needed (usually doubled each time).
The longer the sample is, the better the result will be, especially for instruments whose sound fades over time, such as piano and guitar.
This is your soundfont's problem, which can be fixed with the autoloop (includes excessive x-fade) command in Polyphone (and a bit of manual manipulation), but this time it will have a choppy loop called the seashore effect, which is not desirable.

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