Help transcribing bar

• Nov 21, 2021 - 18:19

I was digitalizing some music and I stumbled across this bar, where there's two voices (one is the "easy version"). But the problem is that even though the rythm is different, the same notes should fall on the same space (B with B, and D with D). Is there any hack around this?

Screenshot 2021-11-21 191553.png

Screenshot 2021-11-21 191644.png


I'd probably fake it by making the first eighth dotted and hiding the dot, and the second a simple eighth but adding the dot as a symbol. Then figuring out a way to fake the secondary beam for the final note, maybe using another voice.m if you attach your actual score we can try to advise better based on the specific context.

Or if this really is just a simplified alternative, frankly i'd just do it the standard way, as an ossia, and not try to reproduce the rather quirky original notation.

It might help to know the time signature (3/4 ?) and to see the whole stave but, even then, it doesn't look like this bar adds up without making several assumptions. Is the score on IMSLP?

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