Fine doesn't stop playback when it is at the end of a section.

• Nov 18, 2021 - 21:16

I have a score (no repeats or voltas) with a D. S. al fine instruction but the playback doesn't stop at the fine. I made a small test score (attached) and realized that fine doesn't work as expected if it is placed at the end of a section. Is that meant to be so? Is there a way to solve the problem? I need section breaks in my score. Thank you!

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Your assumption is wrong and this can be shown by moving the Fine forward two measures as in this example.

What you're witnessing is an artefact of cross-section jumps; while MuseScore treats/interprets each section as if it is its own score when interpreting repeats.

What is likely happening (I'd have to recheck the code for this) is the following:
1. The first section is interpreted; no repeats/jumps to process; we continue with the next section.
2. The 2nd section is interpreted; the jump is honored and executed until the Fine is hit; we continue with the next section
3. The 2nd section is interpreted again (because the Fine was in the first section, a new section was found); the jump is now ignored because it already has been processed for this score; we stop processing when hitting end of score.

I think we can fix this without breaking normal inner-section jumps and Fine markers by comparing the section we end in with the section we started processing; but would have to see whether that breaks any of the existing scenarios or not.

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