Repeat last beat's sign?

• Nov 17, 2021 - 21:16

Can't seem to find the repeat last few beats sign?
Pretty sure it's easy when you know how!
Have attached what I'm looking for!
Thanks in advance!


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That symbol you show isn't the one normally used for this purpose- I wonder if whoever produced the score you are showing used it because they could find the more standard symbol? The simple slash is what is more common in my experience, and easily added with Tools / Fill With Slashes. The symbol you are showing is the two-bar repeat symbol, really the wrong symbol entirely and likely to confuse people. But for the record, it's there in the Symbols palette if you really want.

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The double slash is indeed used to mean beat in this handwritten manuscript - but that's not what the original question was about, it was showing the two-measure repeat symbol. That's what I was saying is not used for showing repeated beats.

The double slash was used in this handwritten manuscript but is not used that way by modern publishers. Still, like other non-standard notations, you can create it manually by adding slashes from the Symbols palette.

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The original question was how to enter a sign for repeating the last few beats, as shown in the example, and you answered that there is no such standard sign, and the one shown in the example is not used that way. I just wanted to show that has been used like that over time.
It may certainly not be the publishers standard, and may be there never will be a standard way to show a repeated beat. One reason for coming up with symbols like these was that it was a tedious and expensive work writing scores by hand, and this saved some time and money. That's not the case today.

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I think you are misunderstanding. I am pointing out that the symbol you are showing here is not the same as the symbol shown in the original example. Look closely - the original isn't just two slashes, it's two slashes but also the dots. The original example isn't the beat-repeat symbol - it's the measure repeat symbol. Your example is closer to what is common, other than using two slashes where one is more common. But it's not the measure repeat symbol, and that was my point. The measure repeat symbol is not used to show beats that repeat.

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I don't think so. I admit being a little sloppy calling them slashes. The dots are clearly visible in my example as well, and shows that the single slash (with dots) has been used to repeat a bar and the double (also with dots) to repeat a beat.
As you say, things are more or less common, and there are no regulations how to write music, only common practise. I have anly occasionally come across these symbols, but I can't recall ever wondering what they mean (repeat something and the context gives a hint of what), or thinking that there ought to be one or two slashes instead of what's in the score. But it's a good thing to talk about it so that someday maybe we can agree on a standard.

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Hmm, maybe so. I didn't see the dots in your version, or just read them as scanning glitches - there are similar marks all over the page. But maybe those truly were dots? If so, then indeed, at least one composer once handwrote the symbol this way, so my statement that it has never been done is factually incorrect. Still, I think it likely true that was never standard practice by any publisher. Which is why there is no built-in feature to do this automatically. But again, you are welcome to place this or any other non-standard symbol manually from the Symbols palette, if you have some special reason to want to copy that instead of the modern standard.

And to be clear - that standard does exist. Virtually all publishers do it the same way - the slash - and Gould and other references on the topic of music notation also show it the same way.

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