Slur not tied to the following note at end of line

• Nov 14, 2021 - 18:09

I need to reproduce the portion circled in green on the attached screen shot? This is a Baroque chaconne. The second couplet begins in the left hand with a tied F (blue highlight). Upon repetition (as shown by the segno) the left hand should observe this same tie. If I use a slur at the repeat, MuseScore (naturally) wants to connect the curved line to the following note. Usually in such a situation I can adjust the slur by dragging its right control handle backwards (to the left). In this case, however, the measure in green is the last one in the system. I can't figure out a way to not have the slur follow down to the following system. Is there any way to do so? Changing the layout so this measure is not the last on the line would not look good for this engraving project.

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Just create the slur and move its rightmost handle to the left
It is not the last of the system there in the image, but if it in your scpore, add a gracenpote avter and ties ot slur to that, them make the grace not invisble

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