Grouping Multiple Measure of Rests

• Nov 10, 2021 - 16:13

I'm trying to group 7 bars of rests. I read through and followed the directions on this page.

There are no custom durations, Del does nothing, ticking multi bar rests ends up grouping ALL my remaining bars in a multiple measure rests.

Ideally I want a group of seven rests followed by another grouping of 16 bars at the end of the day.
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What about this is unclear?

  1. Ensure that the option to display multimeasure rests in the score is off (see above).
  2. Right-click on the measure where you want the second multimeasure rest to start;
  3. From the menu, choose Measure Properties and tick "Break multimeasure rest."

You need to to this on every 7th measure

It's hard to know for sure what is going on in your score - attaching it would enable us to understand and assist better. but normally in music, multimeasure rests are only broken at "logical" places - like there is a double bar, or rehearsal mark, or tempo change, and so forth. So normally that's what you'd be entering. if you have some unusual special reason to want to break a multimeasure rest on a measure that is not marked in one of those ways, then use measure properties on the measure you want to break the rest on.

And yes. all of this manipulation should be done with mmrests off. Normally you would be doing this in the score, not on an individual part, so mmrests would already be off. But if for whatever reason you aren't working with a score, only with the individual part, you should not turn on mmrests until you are done with these sorts of editing operations.

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Thank you Marc AND jojo.
I'm not trying to argue this but simply understand. When I follow the directions on the page it lumps everything together so there's no way I can get to the second place I want to have multiple rests.

Marc the reason for multiple groupings of rests is that at bar 55 I want to notate Guitar solo in that bar indicating 16 more bars of rests.

You are right I will attach the score. It's probably user error but when it's pretty cut and dried when I use it.

Thanks for taking a look at this guys

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Well you are close. It's 7 and 16 bars.

WHEN.........I right click on the bar that indicates the second grouping in this score ( it's indicated by the second grouping of 7) measure properties is greyed out. It's not available.

Thus I'm not allowed to get to 'break multimeasure rest'

jojo I'm not trying to be difficult sir. It's just not available.

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As mentioned, in any published music, such a break would be accompanied by a double bar, or a rehearsal mark, so some other obvious reason for the break. And as I explained, as soon as you add that, the break happens automatically. You shouldn't need to mess with measure properties - that would be a sign that you left something out of your score that would have done this automatically.

So in the score (not the part), simply add a double bar at measure 55. Then when you generate the parts or enable multimeasure rests on the score (extremely uncommon in published music, musicians would not want to read this from the score rather than the parts) all will be as you expect.

So, the steps to follow are:

1) go to the measure 55
2) add the double bar, also probably add system text saying "guitar solo"
3) while you're at it, best to change the "bass solo" text at 47 from staff text to system text, because you'll want that to show on all parts, not just the voice part where it is currently attached
4) File / Parts to generate parts

When you do that, you'll see each parts rests break right where they should. Or, if for some unusual special reason you are asking people to play from the score rather than their own individual parts and hence you wish to enable mmrests on the score itself, press "M" instead of using Fie / Parts, and again, all is perfect. but that doesn't really make sense, if it's an mmrest, how would the guitar playing reading the score know what to actually play during that solo?

But, you also have a more fundamental problem with your score, you have tenor saxophone parts but the transposition is not set up properly. Did you do something unusual hen you created this score? Something other than simply selecting instruments from the dialog that appears when you do File / New to create a new score? As it is, you're going to have chaos I'm afraid as the saxophone parts will be in the wrong key.

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Brilliant sir! I now have a group or 7 bars of rests AND a grouping of 16 bars of rests!

When I initially started writing this I did notice that when I started writing from the book in front of me that adding the tenor sax parts it changed the key signature of course but altered what I was seeing in the official score.

I'm not really sure what to do? Do I go back and just re add the tenor sax parts OR keep it like the original score? The transposition would be two sharps wouldn't it?

Your thoughts Marc?

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Hard to say without seeing what you are working from, all 8 can say is, what you have is incorrect, the keys don’t match when concert pitch is on, which they always should. So first, understand if the source is concert pitch or not, then make sure your score is in that same mode, then don’t mess with the key signatures - MuseScore should transpose them correctly. Whatever the concert pitch key is, you need to add that add the beginning and make sure it applies to all staves (which it will automatically if adding normally). Then be sure to enter the pitches correctly - at written pitch if concert pitch is off, at sounding pitch if it is on.

You wrote:
I'm trying to group 7 bars of rests.
Ideally I want a group of seven rests followed by another grouping of 16 bars at the end of the day.

What do you mean by "a group of seven rests"?
First you want to "group 7 bars of rests", then you (ideally) want a "group of seven rests"... what?

Is this what you mean?

Have a look at this (open in MuseScore):

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