Avoiding (or adjusting) extra space between notes/chords?

• Nov 9, 2021 - 04:27

(re MS 3.6) Sorry if this has already been asked... I searched the forum for something similar, but couldn't find it.

MS leaves some odd space between certain notes/chords (see screenshot). This is with relatively "tight" overall spacing (1.0, the default) in Format > Style > Measures > Spacing.

Is there a way to improve this globally? Or must each instance be hand-corrected?

If the latter, is decreasing the "Segment > Leading space" value in the Inspector the best way? And must it always be done with pointing and clicking, or can shortcut keys be assigned (similarly to Sibelius's "nudge" feature, Alt+Shift+R/L arrow)? I couldn't find an option for that in Preferences > Shortcuts. Seems like a pretty basic thing, though. Thanks!

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underquark > "Local Relayout" may help you achieve what you want.

Well, I tried that... The manual says, "Local relayout is a tickbox option in the Inspector allowing you to specify those passages in the score where you want the note spacing to be independent of other staves in the system..."
I thought that meant that I could actually apply it in certain places, and move notes/rests as close to each other as I wished (which would be great). But it goes on to say:

Applying "Local relayout" to the note beams in the top staff of the previous example results in a more even distribution of notes.

Okay—but when I selected some beams, selected "Local relayout" in the Inspector, here's what happened (see screenshot). How could that be useful?

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