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• Nov 8, 2021 - 16:30

Hi there,

talking about part's TAB, it wouldn't be bad if the "active" one was more prominent.
Please see the pic: Soprano 2 is the active one but it isn't really that obvious IMHO



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What operating system?
Here's what I see, Windows 10, MuseScore in dark mode:
Pretty clear IMHO that the "Chor" tab is selected.
Could still be more promiment though. like some different colored text maybe

Indeed not clear from the image you provided though

Indeed, looks like for whatever reason, doesn't look so good on macOS. But this is all completely redesigned for MuseScore 4- would be good to try a development build (see Download menu above) and see if it's better.

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Hi Marc,

thanks for the v4 tips. Just downloaded and it look quite cool.

A couple of questions … is it relatively safe to use v4? If for any reason I get stacked on something cos it crash on me, can I open the file created with v4 with v3.6 and continue to work? Thank you


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Glad you’re liking what you’re seeing! But, no, not in a usable state yet. I believe alpha is now planned for later this year - see the Announcements forum for updates. I’d wait until then, and even so, probably not on anything I thought I’d ever need to work on in MuseScore 3.

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I've realized myself by hitting save by mistake; the problem is that now MS4 cannot open the saved file anymore, hopefully until new night build. I know we're in pre-alpha version so I should expect that, but at least MS4 should warn user saying something like:

"you're saving on a new format, are you really sure you want to do that?"

Too late …


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