Separate musicXML Import preference choice system and page breaks

• Sep 8, 2014 - 13:53

MuseScore 2.0 -->Preferences --> Import -->MusicXML
Present choice is to "Import system and page breaks" or not.
If importing MusicXML many people like to keep the same number of measures in a system as from the original design.
However importing page breaks might conflict very easily with all kind of prefered choosen styles. If e.g. for an iPad or tablet page size and larger text format for better readibility the number of systems easily doesn't fit the page. If the page breaks are still honored almost empty pages might be added (see 1.)

So the possibility to NOT import the page breaks but import the system breaks would help a lot.
Attached exmaples:
1.Born To Be My Baby+sysbr+pgbr (on)
2.Born To Be My Baby+no_sysbr+no_pgbr (off)
3.Born To Be My Baby+sysbr+no_pgbr (wished) (new-page should be read as new-system of course)

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